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On my website, I want a banner-like image to show up on all of my pages. I am using the YAML body-header: "./assets/body-header.qmd, which work for all of my pages except for the blog posting pages. On those pages, instead of showing the image, I just get the path name at the top of the post written as text. You can see the results at:

The GH repo with all of the files is: https://github.com/zief0002/data-dreaming-quarto

The body-header.qmd file includes the following:

<div class="banner-text">
# Andrew Zieffler

Academic. Data lover. Statistics enthusiast.

<br />

I was thinking it might be a file hierarchy issue,since all of the pages it is working on are at the same level:

├── index.qmd
├── assets
│   ├── body-header.qmd
├── img
│   ├── typewrtiter.png
├── posts
│   ├── 2022-11-21-graduation-2022
│   │   └── index.qmd

This page seems to suggest that starting the figure path with a slash will allow it to be used on all levels of the page, but that doesn't work. (I have tried this in both the pathname in the YAML and for the figure pathname in the body-header.qmd file.) I was hoping using the root in the pathname (./assets/...) would alleviate that, but it did not.

Any insight into this would be helpful.


Can you open issue at GitHub - quarto-dev/quarto-cli: Open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc. with your reproducible example ?

Thank you !

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