Quarto vs distill for websites and blogs

With the development of Quarto, is there any advantage to keep developing a website or a blog with distill?

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HTML documents rendered with Quarto use Bootstrap 5 by default, which is not the case with distill.pub. . For me this is huge plus (e.g. collapsible sidebar navigation in Quarto, language agnostic, etc.).
I have just started my distill-blog two months ago when I "discovered" Quarto, and now I have the same doubts.

All the feature from distill should be now in Quarto. Main difference is that distill is based on https://distill.pub/ as mentioned by @radovan and Quarto default them is on Bootstrap. So features from distill have been re implemented, and improved (like listings with custom listing)

So I would say that as long as you are happy with distill, there is no reason to switch - it won't go away. If you want to try Quarto, then you'll find the same features and more. If you don't need R for your website (no R content in document), then Quarto does not need R contrary to distill who needs R to run.

So keep developing your website using distill as long as you are happy with it.


Radovan and Christophe,

Thank you very much for your response.

According to what you say I prefer to move to Quarto. It has much potential and flexibility.


As you wish.

Keep in mind that there is not yet a v1 version and development is active with daily builds and quick fix if regression happen.

but there should be a first stable release soon (stable meaning no new version several time a days :sweat_smile: ).

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