quarto tufte vs rmarkdown tufte...?

I am a big fan of rmarkdown... now I am seeing all this new excitement with/for quarto. So I might give it a try, but first things first: is there a template ready to use to make a document (a thesis) in quarto?
I found this repo for rmarkdown https://github.com/rstudio/tufte, but nothing like this for quarto (except this https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rstudio/tufte/main/inst/rmarkdown/templates/tufte_html/skeleton/skeleton.Rmd from the gallery ...which was a bit harder to find)...

Check this template.

Dear @technocrat ...the document at your link... at the very end says

To see the Quarto markdown source of this example document, you may follow this link to Github.

Which is precisely the link that I got... I was going to put the link that you sent, but I was restricted to only two links because I am new to this forum...

The link that you sent...it's a very good to start and everything BUT..

  1. I was expecting a .qmd document/syntax
  2. I was expecting something bigger (like this https://bitbucket.org/amiede/classicthesis/wiki/Home)

So.. That's why I am asking... Is it a good idea to start a thesis with quarto/tufte?

It seems that to understand how the tufte template works in quarto you must first understand how the tufte template works in quarto. Here's how it's supposed to render.

To get there run from the RStudio console

    'tufte_html', '..', 'skeleton', 'skeleton.Rmd'

and, for HTML out

  tufte::tufte_html: default
    #citation_package: natbib
    #latex_engine: xelatex
    #citation_package: natbib
    #latex_engine: xelatex

to do composition. Saving the fun part for the end, to output in pdf change the YAML and debug (probably) your TeX configuration.


What are you doing with tufte ? HTML output ? PDF output ?

tufte-like features found in the R packages (margin notes, ...) have been including in the base format of Quarto. Look at Layout feature Quarto – Article Layout for example, and other authoring feature.

Otherwise, you would need to look for custom format in extensions and there is an extension already it seems

Maybe that is what you are looking for.

What are the thesis formatting requirements of your institution? I would check them and see if quarto or rmarkdown matches them. I cannot imagine that either would not.

I am more doubtful that the tufte template is suitable but I have only used it in LaTeX not rmarkdown or quarto. I think it in likely to have problems with tables of contents & tables of figures, etc. and other things you are likely to need in a thesis.

About this I don't know if there are a lot yet of Quarto extension for thesis, but it is definitely feasible. I know of the example of Monash university for now GitHub - numbats/monash-quarto-thesis: Quarto template for a Monash University thesis

Quarto – Quarto Extensions would be the mechanism to create a new one

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