Quarto thinks I want to render a book?

I have a document, taxi_report.qmd that I want to render. It's a simple report that reads in a couple of small datasets from csv, then generates a few plots. But when I try to render it with quarto render taxi_report.qmd -t html I get this error:

ERROR: Book chapter 'intro.qmd' not found

Stack trace:
    at throwInputNotFound (file:///opt/quarto/bin/quarto.js:90695:19)
    at findInputs (file:///opt/quarto/bin/quarto.js:90726:17)
    at eventLoopTick (ext:core/01_core.js:183:11)
    at async findChapters (file:///opt/quarto/bin/quarto.js:90738:13)
    at async bookRenderItems (file:///opt/quarto/bin/quarto.js:90741:5)
    at async Object.bookProjectConfig [as config] (file:///opt/quarto/bin/quarto.js:90647:25)
    at async projectContext (file:///opt/quarto/bin/quarto.js:72806:37)
    at async render (file:///opt/quarto/bin/quarto.js:81784:19)
    at async Command.fn (file:///opt/quarto/bin/quarto.js:81959:32)
    at async Command.execute (file:///opt/quarto/bin/quarto.js:8104:13)

This suggests to me that quarto thinks I want to render a book, but I don't! I don't have any _quarto.yml file at the top level of my project either. Here's the results of tree on my directory (only two levels deep).

├── data
│   ├── processed
│   └── raw
├── dependencies.R
├── download_taxi_data
├── Makefile
├── multilingual-example.Rproj
├── notebooks
│   └── duckdb_explore.ipynb
├── outputs
├── project_setup
├── pyproject.toml
├── README.md
├── renv
│   ├── activate.R
│   ├── library
│   ├── settings.json
│   └── staging
├── renv.lock
├── requirements.txt
├── setup.cfg
├── src
│   ├── data
│   ├── __init__.py
│   ├── locations.py
│   └── src.egg-info
├── taxi_report.qmd
└── test
    └── test_example.py

If I create a new directory, copy in only the .qmd file and the required data, then it works. I cannot figure out what it is that might be telling quarto that I'm trying to render a book, and that it should look for intro.qmd. Can anyone help?

I should also add that I've looked for any files called intro.qmd on my machine and looked for any reference to that file anywhere in my project, and found neither.

Do you have one somewhere in parent directory by any chance ? Could there be one there ?

We may my find some in parent directory as we'll look when no _quarto.yml present.

By the way, adding a _quarto.yml in your current main project folder should help solve the issue

Thanks, @cderv: it turns out that there is a YAML file at the level above that refers to intro.qmd, which explains it. In the meantime I had tried adding a _quarto.yml file at the top of the directory, and that did the trick. Its contents are just:

  type: default
  output-dir: outputs

Thank you for your help!

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