Quarto tables left aligned in pdf


My problem is that tables in quarto are left aligned if I render them to pdf, which is strange in scientific field and irritating. Is there a suggested way to solve it? Code and screenshoot enclosed.

title: xx
toc: false
    documentclass: article
    keep-md: false
    keep-tex: true
      text: |
    keep-md: false
    fig-format: svg
    fig-width: 6
number-sections: true
always_allow_html: yes
bibliography: references.bib
date: last-modified
  chunk_output_type: console
  fig-dpi: 400
  cache: true
  echo: false
  warning: false
  error: true
  tbl-cap-location: bottom
  fig-cap-location: bottom

Amet aute ad reprehenderit nostrud adipisicing. Cillum do ullamco commodo consectetur nisi cupidatat consequat occaecat elit non amet voluptate eiusmod irure. Consectetur officia duis ut occaecat quis voluptate duis eu ipsum in incididunt irure. Ea cupidatat excepteur duis nulla cillum reprehenderit.

#| tbl-cap: Sunt dolor tempor irure ullamco tempor tempor laborum.

iris |> 
    head() |> 
    dplyr::select(1:3) |> 

Hello Marcell, this looks like a gt issue to me (a problem of gt/LaTeX integration in Quarto). Would you be able to submit this as an issue in the gt repository? The issue tracker is at: Issues · rstudio/gt · GitHub. If you do that, I'll be able to better track this work (and we can have further discussions within that new issue). Thank you.

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