Quarto snippet for image and attribution slide

I am trying to switch from xaringan to quarto and I could use some help with a code snippet for the thing I do perhaps the most often in presentations-- have a full-page image with a small attribution (text and/or link) aligned in the bottom corner. Does anyone have such a code snippet?

Here's an example of the code I would use in xaringan:

background-image: url(img/mpls-stp-8.5x11-DakotaMap.jpg)
background-size: cover
background-position: top left

 Dakota landmap by [Marlena Myles](https://marlenamyl.es/) 

There is this Revealjs Plugin for Quarto that can help I believe

Not sure you'll get the same formatting but the purpose is attribution. Maybe it can be improved and tweaked based on your experience ?

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