Quarto should incorporate Asciidoc rendering facilities

Quarto is a far bigger platform than R markdown. But, this is limited to only rendering markdown or its flavours with R or the like code sequences only.

Asciidoc is simpler has only one flavour with distinct features for writings very good books, articles and what not?

Therefore, I request its developer's to incorporate rendering facilities for Asciidoc documents to be written in Asciidoc quarto.

Wishing all the best hopefully,

Dr. A.K Singhe

It seems like its already supported ?

What you are pointing out is that, when one writes a document in Quarto Markdown (Pandoc Markdown), then it can be converted to Asciidoc codes file, which should be rendered elsewhere. What I mean is that the output quarto rendering is a file with asciidoc codes, not the html, pdf nor docx.

What I am expecting from Quarto is that we should be able to write the documents, along with R scripts in RStudio in .asciidoc (or .adoc) code format, instead of Rmarkdown or Markdown, and it could be rendered to html, pdf, docx or docbook.

Quarto related discussions and feature requests are better suited on the GitHub repository

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