Quarto PDF book / scrbook - environment abstract undefined...

Hello, all.

I'm struggling to get the abstract environment working with PDF book formats.

It works fine for the base Quarto PDF, but when I try to use it with a book or scrbook document class, like this:

    documentclass: book  % or scrbook
abstract: This is my abstract.

I get: LaTeX Error: Environment abstract undefined.

I've tried this a number of ways as I am working with partials, etc., but can't get it to work in any configuration. Here are the minimal steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Create a new Quarto document, choose type PDF
  2. Add abstract: This is my abstract. to the YAML frontmatter.
  3. Render. The PDF is output without error and it includes the abstract.
  4. Change the format YAML to match the prior code block, adding documentclass: book or scrbook.
  5. Render. Note that the error occurs as described on \begin{abstract}.

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you try this while doing a Book project in Quarto ?

Does those LaTeX documentclass contain a abstract environment ? I don't believe so.

abstract is available in special format like report or koma script srcreport like in the Quarto doc

Quarto uses Koma by default, because more features. See in Koma Script doc too

You need to use a document class that contains the environment, or define it yourself in your preamble for LaTeX using includes in header.

hope it helps


Thanks for the follow up.

I've come a long way since posting the original issue. I now understand that neither scrbook nor the default book class include abstract environments.

I started working with the titlepage extensions, but am now using my own template.tex and including custom title page, abstract, and acknowledgement QMDs via the index file.

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Awesome! Glad you found a solution.

It is always nice to come back and share update on your original issue. 8 days is not that long for community member to look at opened question and try to help. They will take time (like me) to do so.

It is good practice to come back and close the question, and even share solutions to help others.

Just sharing this with you for you next time !

Thank for the question - it will be findable by others that could have the same issue so that is always good to ask and share questions.

I will keep this in mind on future posts. Thanks again.

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