Quarto in Windows 7?


Can Quarto run in Windows 7? I extracted the zip version to a folder and run quarto check and nothing happened. (I couldn't install it because I didn't have admin right in that computer.) I also heard from a friend that some errors occurred regarding deno (not Quarto) when running in Windows 7.

-- Shu Fai

Quarto will be able to run in Windows 7 - but the problem is that you don't have admin rights to install anything on this system. You need to be able install R, Quarto, and other components in order to run anything.

By nothing you mean really nothing happens ? No hang ? Nothing printed ? Nothing at all to share ?

Does at least quarto --version works with the installation you made ?

Really nothing happened with quarto check. Just a blank line and then returned to the command prompt.

However, quarto --version did return the version number, 1.3.450.

For R, maybe it still can run without admin rights? A few years ago, I tried installing R in a computer and then copied the whole folder to a USB drive. I could run R without any problem from the USB drive. I no longer do this now but I guess R is portable-friendly.

For RStudio, for some reasons I rarely installed it using the installer. I usually downloaded the zip archive, unzipped it, and ran it from the folder. This is how I am using RStudio now and encountered no problem so far.

That's why I wonder whether it is also possible to run Quarto this way, given that there is a zip archive to download.

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R can run without admin rights, that is correct. But running and knitting Quarto will be reliant upon having necessary packages accessible to R. Most commonly you would make those packages accessible via install.packages() or download the source of those packages and their dependencies manually. Depending on your system permissions you may not be able to easily obtain those packages.

Thanks. In the past, if I only needed to knit a file to HTML using rmarkdown, I could do that without admin rights. Haven't done it for a long time but I recall that I could set the library path to a user-folder. However, I am not sure if I could do this with Quarto.

But given that I could run quarto --version, maybe the problem is not with admin rights but with something else related to Windows 7?

Its certainly possible - maybe try more steps here: Quarto - Troubleshooting and see if you are able to get correct output. I don't see any reason why it would behave differently on Windows 7, but I do know official Microsoft support for the platform is waning so that could be causing issues.

Yes can you activate stack trace to understand what is happening ? https://quarto.org/docs/troubleshooting/#get-a-stack-trace

and also verbose debug mode https://quarto.org/docs/troubleshooting/#verbose-mode
On powershell:



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