Quarto HTML is not accepted by Divi WordPress site

HTML file is at : RPubs - Quarto Computations-complete
The file is a copy of the quarto file : computations-complete.qmd - which is document created by Posit.

The file fails validation with errors shown below.

This may - or may not - be the cause of the problem, but the file is not recognised as an HTML format by the Divi builder.
Nor is the JSON file created from the HTML file recognized by the Divi builder.

Also, when I try to embed the file hosted at RPubs in an iframe the server refuses the connection.


John Sendak

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  1. ``

  2. Warning: Document uses the Unicode Private Use Area(s), which should not be used in publicly exchanged documents. (Charmod C073)At line 983, column 312icon")?A.icon:"",A.visible=Ob

  3. Warning: The type attribute for the style element is not needed and should be omitted.From line 985, column 1; to line 985, column 23</script>↩<style type="text/css">.tippy

  4. Warning: The type attribute for the style element is not needed and should be omitted.From line 994, column 1; to line 994, column 23</script>↩<style type="text/css">↩@font

  5. Warning: The type attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources.From line 3148, column 1; to line 3148, column 66olumn -->↩<script id="quarto-html-after-body" type="application/javascript">↩windo

Document checking completed.

Used the HTML parser.

Total execution time 1604 milliseconds.

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