Quarto email address in HTML output

I've played around with Quarto in the last few days and I really like it.
I was wondering how I can display my email address like in standard RMarkdown HTML.

My current YAML header is this:

title: "Test"
  name: "Bill Gates"
  email: "bill.gates@gmail.com"
format: html
editor: visual

If I open the HTML with an editor, I don't see anything with email.

In the HTML produced by RMarkdown, I see this line:


I know that I can provide a HTML template like this: template: test_template.html, but how can I get the default Quarto HTML template?

Can someone point me in the right direction?

I don't think email is among the metadata that quarto provide by default for title block

It is not part of the default template from Pando, and it works in rmarkdown because we are customizing the template.

This would be a feature request for Quarto : GitHub - quarto-dev/quarto-cli: Open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc.

It can be done today by tweaking the template and providing a partial template to modify the title block
Exemple of usage for Article in PDF (Quarto - Article Templates) but this works for HTML too using template-partials

Another example with revealjs : Quarto - Advanced Reveal


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