Quarto does not work in RStudio on Windows ARM64

I have not seen this specific issue mentioned and I had a student issue in a course that I am able to replicate on the Windows Dev Kit 2023. Installing recent versions of R and RStudio on a Windows ARM64 system (R 4.2.2 and RStudio 2022.12.0 Build 353) and attempting to render in Quarto does not work and returns the "Unable to locate an installed version of R" message.

quarto check returns an R installation of (None).

I know there are workarounds for this, but as a teacher it would be a huge student confidence booster if this worked from a fresh download of R and RStudio.

Neither RStudio nor Quarto supports Windows ARM64, but maybe if enough people show interest in this architecture they might consider supporting it (they recently agreed to support Linux arm64 distros on future RStudio releases). Though, the best venue to present this request is the GitHub repository for each tool.

There are also existing issues on these -- please comment/upvote to show interest to help the development teams prioritize!

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