Quarto, creating a post in a blog

When creating a blog with Quarto, the file name does need to be named index.qmd within the posts/post_01 folder? Is it possible to name the .qmd with any other name?

For quarto related question, you could also ask directly in

Developer team would be able to answer directly.

I believe they are called index.qmd because they will be converted to index.html which will then allow the url youblog.com/blog/post1 to work. See for example Quarto blog article Quarto – Positioning Content in the Margin and source code quarto-web/docs/blog/posts/2022-02-17-advanced-layout at main · quarto-dev/quarto-web · GitHub

So this is why the convention, and why it is made this way.

What is the use case behind not having this index.qmd file but another name ?

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Thank you very much Christophe,

I am going to post questions to where you suggested me.

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