quarto column page not working (as least, not working as expected :))

I'm having trouble getting my figures to fill out more than a column. For example even though I specify:

    toc: true 
    toc-location: left 
    reference-location: document
    email-obfuscation: javascript
    self-contained: true
    fig-format: svg 
    fig-height: 8


```{r plotBasicIp, cache=TRUE, cache.lazy=FALSE, echo=FALSE}
#| label: fig-basicIP
#| fig-cap: "Traffic per second for all IPs"
#| fig-subcap:
#|   - "Traffic volumes to TPF/RR"
#|   - "Traffic volumes from TPF/RR"
#| layout-nrow: 2
#| column: page

My rendered output remains constrained to the column width:

I've also tried screen-inset with no change.

Is there anyway I can expand the graphic's width?

I'm not sure that you can do this without ditching the TOC

I've made a little progress on this. It turns out that using:

fig-width: 14

or some suitably large number, combined with:

#| column: screen-inset

seems to give responsive, wider, figures.

It seems a tad hokey though, so I'm not sure if it's designed to work like that, or is just a happy accident.

Can you share a reproducible example so that we can look into hit ?

Article layout (Quarto - Article Layout) should work ok. If it is not, it could be a bug. Thanks

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