quarto book title page in docx

Hi all,

I am using the quarto book format for a report, and the customer would like it rendered in DOCX. What is the best practice for adding a title page? Book is currently rendering with title information and TOC on the same page without a pagebreak.

The quarto documentation website shows examples of the cover-image option ported over from Pandoc for EPUB (and maybe HTML?). Does not appear to be similar for DOCX.

Thanks in advance!

When I create a Book project the first thing in the YAML "toc" is the Preface page. It is decorated with {unnumbered} so it doesn't show in the printed index on the Index page when rendered to docx. Could you convert the Preface page to the Title page?

Unfortunately, I don't know if Pandoc offers this flexibility for docx. So it is not possible easily.

This could be a feature request for Quarto to see how we can enhanced Pandoc to allow that.

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