Quarto Book: reference chunk data in another file

In bookdown, I had a choice between KM and MK rendering approaches. In MK mode, I had access to chapters further up in the book.

Assuming I have a "global" chunk in one chapter, how do make it available to other files? I have tried to reference chunks using dependson, but could not get it to work.


I don't think that quarto book does have such feature yet. Each document is independent which is closer to KM approach (but there is not merge really).

Best place to ask question and open a discussion for considering new feature or just discussion current behavior is at

Quarto team closely follow the discussion board and that is why this is considered the best place for now.

I let you transfer the question there, ok ?
That would be interesting to have a discussion around it probably. Probably some project related feature could help with this usage. We'll definitely want to know possible limitations from bookdown behavior for R users. thanks!

Will do ... posting it here was defensive thinking, because often stupid questions are not welcome on github and you never know what stupid is...


I understand - no worries. Some repo started using Discussion board and hopefully it is often more welcoming than usual issue board. :slight_smile:

For Quarto do not hesitate to post there. thanks!

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