Quarto blog rendering behaviour

I have started a blog using Quarto and it all seems to work. What I don't seem to have an intuitive understanding of though, is how rendering works in RStudio (I understand about freeze = true).
What do I need to re-render if I'm adding a post or making a change to an existing post?
Obviously the index.qmd file for that post, but do I also need to re-render the main index.qmd?
If I make a change in the _quarto.yml or _metadat.yml files, do I need to go back and re-render every posts index.qmd for the .yml file changes to propagate across all posts? (I get the feeling I do). If so, is there a 'render entire website' type command in RStudio that can be used?

If you use freeze: true, you can definitely do a quarto render on the entire website / blog and it will update everything, without re-running computation.

I believe clicking render from the index.qmd should render eveything, but you should also be able to render the entire website from the Build pane in the IDE

With freeze: true, you will need to explicitly render any file you modified - otherwise the frozen state won't be updated, and will always be used. So usually

  • You add a post, and you render this post using Render - this will add to freeze state
  • You make a change, and you render this post using Render - this will update freeze state

After that your website should be updated. You can quarto render everything quickly thanks to freeze

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