quantmod package - getSymbols command

Hello There!

I am quite confused about the quantmod package, especially about the getSymbols command. It is quite useful to access Asset Data for statistical analysis, yet, as I understand the package correctly it accesses its data from yahoo finance if no other source is specified. But if I access data through the getSymbols command I get totally different numbers than when I go on yahoo finance directly. Here's one example:

Code: getSymbols("GOLD", src = "yahoo")
This command gives me a close value of 23.93 for 2021 - 05 - 10
Yet Yahoo Finance tells me that the close value for 1,837 (see image)

It is not because of some logarithm function, can anybody tell me how I can know/control the currency unit the command uses? And the exchange it gets its data from would also be nice. Haven't found any of those.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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