qic chart Y axis range change and decimal digit formatting

Hi, I am creating a chart using qic function from library qicharts2 in R. I am using dataframe as source of data for qic.
It is generating the chart correctly. I need one change in chart. I am displaying Y axis numbers as percent value which has decimal digits also. How can I round these numbers to 0 decimal digit. The qic function I am using is as below:
vUP_Chart = qic(x = Month_Value, Data_NUM *1.0,Data_DEN * 1.0, data = vUP_Chart_Data, x.angle=60, chart = c("up"), x.format = "%Y-%m-%d", title=paste0(j, " Data Laney Control Chart", sep="" ),x.period = "1 month", ylab = 'Data',xlab = ' ', y.percent = TRUE, decimals = 0)
and the screen shot of a chart is as below:

I have tried below addition in qic function :slight_smile:
scale_y_continuous(labels = scales::percent_format(accuracy = 1))
but it gives warning that Y axis already exists and this code will replace the Y axis. But This is not generating correct Y axis value.
Please help me in converting Y axis value to 0 decimal number.


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