Python: which IDE?

Hi. I have been using R for years with RStudio as the IDE. I understand there are other IDEs but RStudio is the most common. I also use Run R code online to run a small piece of R code.

I am thinking I should bite the bullet and learn some Python.

What is the friendliest Python IDE? And what is the equivalent to Run R code online to run a small piece of Python code?

you can use RStudio to write and run Python, using the reticulate package (Interface to Python • reticulate).
You can also use this online using

Alternatively, you may be interested in using VSCode (, with the Python extension. This is my preferred IDE for Python and Julia.

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I also know a few people who use PyCharm.

In data analysis, the dominant approach seems to be Jupyter notebooks (roughly equivalent to Rmarkdown/Quarto, they are commonly used in browser).

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