Python Chunks: Stop on Error in Rstudio Notebook

I am working in an Rmarkdown notebook where I am trying to get python code chunks to stop when I raise an error, which I can achieve in R code chunks. I haven't been able to find a setting that allows me to do this, so I am wondering if it's at all possible?

Below is a super simple example of the code I am running.

title: "R Notebook"
output: html_notebook

This R chunk is well behaved

x = -1

if (x < 0)
  stop("Sorry, no numbers below zero")

print("The error stops me from being evaluated :( ")

This python chunk should raise an error and not print anything.

x = -1

if x < 0:
  raise Exception("Sorry, no numbers below zero")

print("I am still being evaluated despite the error!")

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