put Shiny R coding on Linux server, but Issue with update Ubuntu version

I have put Shiny R coding on the Linux server, but it comes errors when server administrator want to update the Ubuntu version on this Linux server. I do not know where is the problem and what kind of solution exist.
Thank you with best regards

Hi, welcome!

Please try to elaborate more in your question, could you explain what you mean by "shiny R coding", and where in the server have you put it?
Also, what specifically are the errors are you getting?.

Hi, thanks for response. We have a virtual private server with linux operating system installing. We put all software(mainly developed with Shiny R programming) in this server. Now when we want to upgrade the Linux OS Ubuntu from version 14 to 16, there is some errors pop up, the network administrator can not login the system and the software can not run on the client

I suppose that when you say "sotfware" you mean shiny apps, I'm I right?.

What are those errors? Without more specific information we can't know what the problem is.

Do you mean that the administrator is not able to establish a ssh connection with the server? If so, this has nothing to do with shiny-server but with Ubuntu itself.

Thanks. Yes, you are right. It is shiny apps. Yes, administrator is not able to establish a ssh connection with the server.

If Ubuntu itself, then how to do?

Since you problem is, not being able to establish a SSH connection after updating Ubuntu, then most likely your problem has to do with your system configuration, not with shiny-server or any rstudio product, and it's beyond the scope of this forum. I recommend you to ask this on a Ubuntu related forum.

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