Put several elements (Autror name and dates) on a single row on Quarto HTML

In Quarto HTML output, how to put Autror name, publication, and update dates on one row?Now it seems that there is a lot of not-used space, but the second date is on a separate row:

Are there any special options for this?

If you inspect the document to see how the block title is done, you can see that it is using CSS grid layout with the property grid-template-columns

You can modify this CSS for your document to overwrite the default value

#title-block-header.quarto-title-block.default .quarto-title-meta {
  grid-template-columns: repeat(3, 1fr);


    css: styles.css

This may seemed advanced but this is the easiest way to tweak something regarding styling for HTML output.

Hope it helps

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