Put a 'Sign in' link at shiny.rstudio.com

I forgot where I go to sign in to my shinyapps admin page. I went to shiny.rstudio.com but there was no clue there. When I clicked 'Get started' it took me to some tutorials links, but no sign in page.

I'd suggest putting a 'Sign in' link at the top right of shiny.rstudio.com so I don't have to scroll through my browser history to get to my dashboard.

(Duck duck going is also a bit tricky as search engines are confused by 'shiny dashboard'!)

Are you conflating Shiny, the R package, whose documentation is at the microsite shiny.rstudio.com, with shinyapps.io?

There are many ways of deploying and hosting a Shiny application, so choosing one to favor with a Sign In link would not be appropriate.

Sure, but a sign in page that then prompts for the right deployment and hosting application would be better.

I'm not sure that I follow the suggestion. How would a general sign in button or page be able to direct one to shinyapps.io versus an on-premise installation of either Connect, Shiny Server or Shiny Server Pro?

From within the RStudio IDE, one needs to choose where to deploy a Shiny application. I could see it being an interesting feature request to have the ability to launch into the administration of an application from the IDE itself given that the deployment destination is known there.