purrr:map with argument

How do I pass an extra two arguments to a purrr:map function

This works ( not real code )

test -> function(.value) {
print value

but how do I send two extra parameters A and B to the function

test -> function(.value) { ( 2nd and 3rd parameter ??? )
print value
...do something with a A
...do something with a B

purrr::map(values,test,??? )

I think I have seen the tilde character used ie ~test


purrr::map(values, ~test(.,A,B))

run test for every member of values, when you run test put the member of values as the first parameter (where the . shortcut is, and use A and B as the other parameters)

Thanks..does the function change
ie test -< function(.value, A,B) ?

I dont understand your question... ?

Its ok..I worked out..thanks

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