Pulldown menus don't display properly on RStudio server 2022.02.01-461 with Safari 15.4 (osx 12.3.1)

First, it works perfectly using firefox and older (11.x) version of Safari, thus could be related to Monterey updates..

It seems to be related with some Z-order issue, when all panes are activated pulldown menus show up below both upper panes (editor in my case). But as soon as I zoom in one of these panes , menus show up properly. That's odd, anyone having the same issue ? I have checked and besides Mendeley I have no other extensions running... any tips appreciated.

This was introduced by the latest Mac OS update; we recently fixed this by working around the safari bug, and patched it to two previous releases. Dropdown menus rendering "under" the editor region in latest Safari on macOS · Issue #10821 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub
See the latest patches for Ghost Orchid, Prairie Trillium.

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