Pull Data from Network Drive

Hi Team,

I'm trying to pull the Data from Network Drive using R.
What are the steps to pull the data..?
Can you please help me to get this done..?


Hi, if the network drive is mounted in your OS as a logical drive, then you should be able to access it with the same path as something like the file explorer can access it with.

RStudio provides several wizards to help load a data file. For instance, you could click

  • File -> Import Dataset -> From Text (readr) to load a CSV text file
  • File -> Import Dataset -> From Excel to load an Excel file

If you're looking for more information about loading data into R, here's a great intro:

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Thanks for your response but I'm asking to pull data from Network Drive using R.
What are the scripts for this to pull data.?
Can you please help me to get this done..?


Edgar and jonspring gave great advice to your question. For example the data import wizard recommended by jonspring generates a code snippet as it walks you through the process to load your data into R.

If you need additional guidance I'd suggest replying with additional information about any issues you run into loading data into R (you know, rather than repeating the text from your initial post).
For example, are you running into any errors as you try to load data? Any details about your OS or environment that will be important for us to know about giving advice?