Publishing to

Hi all,

Am trying to publish to but I keep getting this task log that ends with,
"Error: Unhandled Exception: Child Task 1245918233 failed: Error building image: R version 4.2.2 currently unavailable
Execution halted"

Which I know means the version of R, but which versions of R does support?

Thank you in advance!

R 4.2.1 is supported.

Great. Do you have a URL to download that on MAC?

I don't see a download for 4.2.1, but there is one for 3.6.3, which should also be supported.

I haven't checked but I think there may now be a newer version of rsconnect that works on 4.2.2 (try updating your packages and see), but certain dependencies might fail still - I was having a problem with compiling DBI just now.

The links for previous R versions on big sur arm64 are here but be careful when installing/removing R versions! Index of /bin/macosx/big-sur-arm64/base

Looks like 4.2.2. is now supported.