Publishing Jupyter Notebook that uses other python scripts

Hi Posit-Community,

I want to develop an ETL job in Python and start it regularly with Posit Connect.
I want to use a jupyter notebook for this, which calls various other Python-Scripts. Unfortunately, I can only publish the jupyter notebook (*.ipynb-file) via rsconnect deploy notebook.
Is there a way to publish also python scripts that are used within the jupyter notebook?
When publishing the jupyter notebook, I get the following error message:

ModuleNotFoundError 	 Traceback (most recent call last)
						 Cell In[2], line 1
					----> 1 import script

Kind regards,

❯ rsconnect deploy notebook
Usage: rsconnect deploy notebook [OPTIONS] FILE [EXTRA_FILES]...

  Deploy a Jupyter notebook to Posit Connect. This may be done by source or as
  a static HTML page. If the notebook is deployed as a static HTML page

You may need to explicitly include the script files when issuing the deploy command, e.g. rsconnect deploy notebook notebook.ipynb