Publishing issue with shiny

I can't publish R markdown shiny.

An error has occurred. Check your logs or contact the app author for clarification.
and paths should be to files within the project directory

below the script setwd("~/Documents/Capstone/en_US")
en_US_blogs <- readLines("en_US.blogs.txt", encoding = 'UTF-8',warn = FALSE)
en_US_news_txt <- readLines("", encoding = 'UTF-8',warn = FALSE)
en_US_twitter_txt <- readLines("en_US.twitter.txt", encoding = 'UTF-8',warn = FALSE)

Where are you publishing to ?
It's likely a mistake to setwd().
Rather assume that the working directory is the project directory

I need to publish to R Pubs
I want to read this files, is there any specific folder I have to put it in ?
or specific orders?


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