publishing content in Rstudio connect referring minicran/src/contrib/Archive directory

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  1. have enabled proxy settings to install package from CRAN.
  2. After installation, While tried to publish the app in Rstudio connect, it stared referring .../minicran/src/contrib/Archive instead of ../minicran/src/contrib. why it is referring Archive filesystem? this issue occurred many of the users for referring Archive directory:
    Please refer the deployment log
    2019/04/12 08:43:45.649548383 curl: (37) Couldn't open file /proj/rstudio/minicran/src/contrib/Archive/rhandsontable/rhandsontable_0.3.6.tar.gz
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I had a similar Issue & resolved it by creating proj/rstudio/minicran/src/contrib/Archive/rhandsontable and copying rhandsontable_0.3.6.tar.gz from /proj/rstudio/minicran/src/contrib.

The issue basically seems to be happening because only the current version of the package should be in the miniCRAN Repo & all the old versions should be in the archive. I am also trying to figure out if there is any command or process to do it for all packages inside miniCRAN, any idea would be helpful.

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@rakesh is spot on. This is how CRANlike repositories function, and is extremely important to the way that RStudio Connect manages packages / reproducibility for your content. You can see an example here:

I'm not sure whether miniCRAN offers this functionality (I would honestly be surprised if it didn't), but I know the drat package does. In any case, in the enterprise context, removing the pain of maintaining a CRANlike repository is one of the aims of RStudio Package Manager.


I had a similar Issue and resolved it.

Can you find below files in /proj/rstudio/minicran/src/contrib?

  • PACKAGES.rds

If you can't find these files, you may need to create them with "write_PACKAGES".

> write_PACKAGES("/proj/rstudio/minicran/src/contrib")

■R: Generate PACKAGES Files

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