publish simple markdown website w/ rsconnect-python

I have a simple Rmd site with an index containing a list of links to html docs in the same folder as index.Rmd. I can publish a functional site w/ the rstudio deploy button, but when I build a manifest w/ the html docs and the Rmd files, and use rsconnect deploy manifest, the site is deployed according to index.Rmd but the html docs are not uploaded or not properly linked. What am I missing? Thanks.

I don't think it is possible to use reconnect-python to deploy Rmd sites. Here's what works in an R script using distill:

rsconnect::addConnectServer(url="", name="connect", quiet=TRUE)
rsconnect::connectApiUser(account="", server="", apiKey="KEY")
distill::publish_website(account="", server="")

Welcome @samesense ! It sounds to me like the manifest that you have generated is not set up properly to publish the website? Rmd websites can be a bit tricky to publish - you can get the proper manifest by downloading the "bundle" from your successful deployment. Or you can build a manifest with rsconnect::buildManifest()

Several of the different types of deployments have very big differences in what they mean for Connect behavior, so my suspicion is that the manifest you are using with rsconnect deploy manifest is different from the one you are getting when you use the IDE.

To confirm - rsconnect-python can deploy any type of content, provided that the manifest.json is generated properly :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: