Publish Shiny app using R studio connect

I am trying to push a shiny app on a machine which has restricted access to internet.So we just got the CRAN whitelisted but cant whitelist github.

I had a couple of packages on github which now I have compressed as tar.gz file . Now when I still try to publish the app I get the error saying my package was not found in CRAN which is true. So how can i publish this app with my package compressed already on that machine.

Thank you.

There's a nice discussion on Package management in RStudio Connect here. Also, the Package Management of Connects documentation.

Note the section

The configuration option Server.SourcePackageDir can reference a directory containing additional packages that Connect would not otherwise be able to retrieve. This directory and its contents must be readable by the Applications.RunAs user. Connect will look in this directory for packages before attempting to obtain them from a remote location.