Publish RMD with `runtime: shiny` on shiny server

I have set up the open source shiny server and have a website with deployed shiny apps on it. I recently learned about setting runtime: shiny in r markdown documents and have to say that it is a really nice lightweight way of creating user interact able features in simple pages. However, I am having trouble figuring out how to publish the .rmd file to my website with shiny server.

I can publish a .rmd with runtime: shiny to my account, but can't figure out how to publish it on my own shiny server. Looking at this documentation:, it only says "Both Shiny Server ( and RStudio Connect ( can be used to publish Shiny documents. They require knowledge about Linux. Installing and configuring them should normally be a task for your system administrator if you are not familiar with Linux or do not have the privilege."

Can anyone point me to any more detailed documentation about how to publish shiny rmd documents on shiny server?

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