Proteomics package that doesn't require output from other proteomics software (i.e. maxquant)

I was wondering if anyone knew of an R package that could process bottoms-up proteomics that would essentially do what MaxQuant does, and didn't require MaxQuant outputs (or similar software) first? I basically want to be able to do the entire processing from the raw data within R studio.

I am sorry, I am not aware of any package.
Let's admit it, Maxquant is the de-facto standard for doing these things.
And honestly I'd have more trust in MaxQuant being developed over many years (~15) by a very experienced team of developers than some package developed somewhere else and you don't really know who did this.

I definitely agree it is the gold standard. It does a great job, but I am struggling to get it to work at my current company just due to some of their strict cybersecurity rules. So I was hoping for a work around. I haven't been able to find one either, so was just curious.

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