Propagation of Coronavirus(COVID-19) - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission

Propagation of Coronavirus(COVID-19)

Authors: Juan Francisco Venegas Gutiérrez
Working with Shiny for 1+ years

Abstract: The following dashboard shows the global spread of COVID-19, where the information for the different countries is exposed together with relevant statistics. Finally, a predictive model of machine learning for the city of Hubei was developed.

Full Description: The dashboard is a tool that presents the propagation of COVID-19 in the world, for this the confirmed cases, deaths and recovered both in a disaggregated form by country and accumulated are exposed. Together with this a machine learning model was developed which seeks Predict confirmed cases as deaths. Preliminary results show novel results with a low percentage error for each model of 1.13% and 3.19% for models of confirmed cases and deaths. It should be noted that time series were used since 22 January to March 4 of the city of Hubei. Finally, I am working on new visualization modules as well as predictive for the dashboard.

Category: Healthcare
Keywords: Health COVID-19 machine learning map
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Excellent application, which library you used for the implementation of the map?

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Hi Daniela, for the map used Leaflet.

Wow :smiley:.Awesome app.

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Hello, are you periodically updating the app?

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Hello Andres, I am updating the application as quickly as possible.

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