Projects (class spaces) disappeared

I teach R, using Posit Cloud, in several of my courses. This past Summer, for the first time, I used the monthly subscription method to give my students access to the space I use for my classes.

I also had space(s) for another class, which I teach in the Fall - which I understood would continue existing, even when I got to the point that the subscription was up (and officially I would not have any free space). This is how it always worked in previous years. When I canceled the subscription, the email also said: "Note that none of your spaces or projects will be deleted (...)". All this time, during Summer, I could indeed see the space(s) I need for my Fall class.

I am now teaching this class (Fall semester) and out of the blue, without any warning, my whole class space is gone. Including all the projects and scripts I need to share with my students. This was basically still the space from last year; no students were added yet. It had just been sitting there, and now it is gone...
Who do I contact about this? I assume this can somehow be restored??
I need to get my students started with R next week, any help would be appreciated!

Hi @GeraldineK,

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with your spaces, you are correct that spaces should not disappear after canceling a subscription. We need a bit more information to figure out what's going on — to start with, do you happen to have the URL of the space handy? If you can either respond here or DM it to me, we can start digging.

Thanks so much,

Thanks Mel - should I post the information here? Because I also just noticed there is a "Technical Support" on Posit Cloud.

In the Spring of 2021 I made videos for my students and the screen shares show as the space URL. At the time the space was called "Data Wrangling And Reproducible Research". Last year I changed it to either "RQM" or "Reproducible Quantitative Methods", with also the year (2022) included, I think. I am quite sure (but not 100%) that I used the same space as before but just changed the name.

It seems that sometime around the end of our Summer semester (early August) the space disappeared.


If you are a Posit Cloud customer, you should feel free to open a support case with Posit Technical Support. They would be happy to look into this for you. One thing to double-check is to make sure you're logging in with the same email address as you did when you originally signed up.

If you open a support case, they can help you figure out where your Space is.


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