Project Rocker RStudio Problem Rendering Rmd Files to PDF files

I am running rocker/geospatial inside a fresh install of Ubuntu server running on my network.

I invoke the system with:

docker run -v /home/MY_USER_NAME_HERE:/home/rstudio -p 8787:8787 -d -e PASSWORD=MY_PASSWORD_HERE -e USERID=1001 rocker/geospatial

When I attempt to knit a bare-bones Rmd file to PDF the conversion by LaTex fails with the following log information:

! kpathsea: Running mktexfmt pdflatex.fmt
! mktexfmt [ERROR]: -user mode but path setup is -sys type, bailing out.

I would very much like to run RStudio from one of the Rocker containers, but need to be able to knit Rmd to PDF.

Have others run into this? Is there a simple fix I can apply?


-- Rich

(i) In terminal type:

sudo texconfig rehash

(ii) Or perhaps you´re running your libraries outside the first chunk Make sure, in your RMD, libraries must stay inside on the first chunk, because if libraries are not in the first chunk, RMD won´t recognize the libraries that you are working on.

Thanks to the good folks at Project Rocker I have sorted this out, at least for the moment.

Any issues appear to be related to how I was using the docker run command and issues pertaining to containers and images in my environment. Once I cleaned everything up and rebuilt my docker run invocation line in a very methodical fashion, things seemed to work.

Sorry to waste anyone's time.

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