Project reset to base project

Hi there!
I'm using RStudio.Cloud for a class and we've experienced some issues yesterday related to the broader outage. I've seen some of the problems posted in the other threads (e.g. "no such file or directory" when trying to save a script; can't open the project at all), but I just got contacted by one of the students telling me that the project was reset to the base project and everything was lost.
Could you please have a look at this project and try to recover it? 24 hours ago, we could still access it perfectly fine, but as of some hours ago, everything was gone. So I'm not entirely sure if that has anything to do with the outage.
Thanks a lot in advance! I'd appreciate any help!


Sorry to hear about the loss of data in your students project. R console history or unsaved file changes can be lost when a R session crashes. Some users have had luck recovering this type of data using this package:

If not can you provide some more specifics about the data that was lost? If these are files saved to disk an idea of which and how files were modified, when they were modified, and when they went missing could facilitate debugging the issue on our end.

Thank you and your student for your patience,


Hi Sean,

Thanks a lot for recommending the package rsrecovr. I was able to recover the file with that package. Thank you very much for this quick and easy solution!

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