Project not loading, constantly saying "Opening Project"

I have several projects all running different variants of the code on R Studio cloud, most of which are working, but one which is located in a shared folder just endlessly loads. Seen other people have had issues with the same thing and I'm hoping one of the admins maybe able to help. Project link below

I have a lot of important data saved in the environment and don't want to use the relaunch project function unless absolutely necessary as the code takes a long time to run.

Many Thanks anyone who can help


First, your project is not shared therefore sharing the link will not work.

Second, I had a similar, if not identical, issue myself in one of my projects. I suspect, though have not verified, it was my .Renviron. Specifically, I had set _R_CHECK_LENGTH_1_CONDITION and _R_CHECK_LENGTH_1_LOGIC2. Once I removed the .Renviron file I stopped having issues.

Do you have anything similar or related in your project?

Thank you Tim, I am unsure how to change the .Renviron file. I have made the project shared, please see a link below

Appreciate the help greatly

The project loads for me.

Not relevant anymore but for reference, The .Renviron file

Thank you for your help. I can open the project on a different account but all of the results are missing unfortunately. I will have to rerun the code

Appreciate your help

The link works; the project loads... But when i go to run the code, the progress bar lights up, it's apparently doing something, but the process never gets anywhere near completion, after >1hr of watching.

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