Project Management - Allocation of resources to tasks under conditions

Hello everyone,
I am currently managing a project and struggling with tedious, very manual allocation of resources to project tasks. The main idea is to allocate people to tasks based on the foreseen number of days we need to dedicate to a given task per month (there are more than 1000 man-days to be distributed in a year). I am thinking on how to automate the allocation. It does not need to be perfect, even a very initial allocation which could be fine-tuned afterwards would be a significant improvement.
I have the following information:

  1. A number of persons dedicated to a project. Each person has assigned role (Manager, Resercher, etc.),
  2. For each person I have the days (dates) in which they are available.
  3. Months in which tasks need to be performed
  4. Number of man-days per role

I would like to create a function which based on the persons' role and their availability would create a table showing which person can be assigned to a given task in a given month for a given amounts of man-days.
If you have any ideas how to solve such problem and what tools to use, I would be immensely grateful.

All the best!

Maybe Chapter 12 Gantt charts | Community contributions for EDAV Fall 2019?

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