Project Reset Itself, Way to Recover

My project at reset it self while I was working on it to its original workbook form from a week ago and I have no idea why or how to recover it if at all. Is there a way to restore it to any form that it was in today?

Hi @mpentrack,

I'm sorry this happened. I have a few questions to help us figure this out:

  • can you tell me a little more about what it means to reset itself to the original workbook form? Did you lose console history, or something else?
  • did this happen when you were actively working on it, or did you leave and come back?

Thanks so much,

I have been using to introduce my students to r in an introductory stats class. This has happened to several students (and me). timed out, and I re-logged in. It sat for about 30 minutes before I then went to type, and it all suddenly vanished. After a second or two the screen reappeared, and the console was blank and the global environment was empty. I hope this helps. I have two other projects that remain intact, both older. Any information on how to prevent this is appreciated.

Hi @treen9566, Thanks for your report and for these details, particularly about the timing. It's helpful. We're working on identifying the root cause of this, can you tell me a little more about what happened when: timed out, and I re-logged in.

were you using RStudio Cloud and were redirected to login? Or was it idle and you came back to a login screen? Then, after you logged in, did you do anything before it was untouched for 30 minutes and then refreshed?


Hi Mel, it was idle. When I clicked back to the rstudio browser tab after a short time, it looked open and ready, but when I started to type at the prompt it went blank and then refreshed with everything gone.

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