Project autosaving

For some time now (across multiple versions of RStudio), I have had an issue where closing a project does not save all of the objects in the workspace. The project closes as usual (either by closing RStudio or moving to a different project), but when I later reopen the project, the objects that are loaded are clearly from an earlier save of the workspace (and presumably, from an earlier close of the project). I don't want to manually save the workspace as something other that what is auto-saved when closing the project, so I'm not sure what the issue or the solution might be.

I'm working on MAC OS 10.14.6, RStudio version 1.3.959. Thanks.

I'm on the same setup and RStudio does not autosave all open files (for one thing "untitled.R" doesn't, not that I'd want it to. This may reflect my setting in the first tab of global options, including never saving rdata

Thanks! I actually don't have any issue with files (.R) saving - it's mainly objects in the workspace (data frames, model output objects) where the issue arises.

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I always explicitly Rds objects in and out. Object state at exit may be saved as Rdata and reloaded in your case?

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