Programmatic creation of html files from R Presentation?

We'd like to script the creation of html files from R Presentation files, instead of doing this through the RStudio IDE. Is this possible?

I am not sure what you mean by 'R Presentation files' but if you mean that you want to create html files from Rmd files without using the RStudio IDE then the answer is yes.
Use the rmarkdown::render function.

I am relatively new to the RStudio ecosystem. I am supporting a data scientist that is using this capability:

They are doing this within RStudio, creating html output by clicking buttons in RStudio. I wish to automate the creation of the html files by scripting the process. But it's not evident to me what executable could be called to do this. Thanks.

Thanks for the reference to the .Rpres 'R Presentations format.
I did not find any scripting possibilities.

I have the impression that this format is locked by RStudio
and that is odd given all the other (open) formats.

I hope that I am wrong. Any 'communizers' that have knowledge about this?

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