Process reactive data from multiple modules inside parent shiny into a new reactive data


I have 2 modules that return the following:
Module1: return(dataset1)
Module2: return(dataset2)

In parent shiny I want to join the 2 datasets inside an observeEvent:
vals <- reactiveValues()
vals$dataset1 <- callModule(id="module1",dataset1)
vals$dataset2 <- callModule(id="module2",dataset2)
vals$new_dataset <- left_join(vals$dataset1,vals$dataset2)

When I try to output new_dataset I get: Error in is.finite: default method not implemented for type 'list'

How should I do it correctly?

I have to mention that if i try to output dataset1 or dataset2 separately (either with vals$dataset1 or just using callModule), it is succesfull, but i can not process the new_dataset from 2 reactive datasets produced by 2 modules.

Thank you very much.

You are more likely to get help if you start with a reprex. Otherwise it's very difficult to tell exactly what the problem is.

I have learned my lesson, Hadley. I will never post anything without a reproducible example first. My problem was coming from trying to join 2 data sets where one data set had a list type column.

Thank you very much.

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