problems with the summary of 'freqtab' in "equate" package

Hi all,
While using the package "equate" I have encountered some issues.
The function summary (of frequency table, used after as.freqtab) is supposed to summarize the basic statistics of a distribution table, However, even when applying it on a very simple distribution table, I only get results for min, max and mean (sd, skewness and kurtosis are not available, results are "Inf", 0 and 0 respectively).

I would be greatfull if anyone could please explain to me what I am doing wrong.
Below you can see a simple code, creating a table and trying to apply the summary of freqtab function on it.
Im am sorry if this is a stupid question, I am new to R and trying to solve this issue for several days now, so if anyone could help me understand my problem it would be great.
Thanks a lot in advance.

#constracting a table
x <- matrix(0,10,2)
for (i in 1:10){
  x[i,1] <- i

#populating cells 
x[1,2] <- 0.5
x[3,2] <- 0.5

 Y <- as.freqtab(x, scales = 1:10)

Hi @adiyeh. The problem is not about the summary function. The problem came from the manually assigned count of 0.5 to row 1 and 3. The count must be integer. So the summary function can not summarised the table.

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