problems with shiny for python and keras predict

I'm developing an app with shiny for Python. the objective is to develop an interface in which the user can enter data regarding a subject, and subsequently see the predictions made by a keras model, previously trained.
I followed all the best programming practices and the code works until I call model.predict, where I get the following error:

WARNING: WatchFiles detected changes in 'AppData\Local\'. Reloading...
forrtl: error (200): program aborting due to control-C event
Image PC Routine Line Source
libifcoremd.dll 00007FFA673DDF54 Unknown Unknown Unknown
KERNELBASE.dll 00007FFB53507677 Unknown Unknown Unknown
KERNEL32.DLL 00007FFB53FF257D Unknown Unknown Unknown
ntdll.dll 00007FFB55F6AA78 Unknown Unknown Unknown

I can't post the code for confidentiality reasons, but I've followed the general schema described here (Early Diabetes Detection Web App Using Shiny in Python - Wisdom ML), I guarantee that everything else is correct and the same code, deprived of the app part, works correctly in jupyter notebook (it is not an error linked to keras).
I'm using windows 11, anaconda 22.9.0, python 3.9.7 and keras 2.14.0.