Problems with R-studio coding while running RSM

Hello, I am running r code on r-studio for optimization of reaction conditions.

Data file: dsg.csv

C: Concentration (mg/L)

D: Dosage (mg/L)

T: Time (min)

d: Degradation (%)



dsg <- cube(3, n0=4)

dsg$C <- dsg$x120+30
dsg$D <- dsg$x2
dsg$T <- dsg$x3*75+105

write.csv(dsg, "dsg.csv")


dsg <-,
x1 ~ (C-30)/20,
x2 ~ (D-1.75)/1.25,
x3 ~ (T-105)/75)
model<- rsm(d ~ FO(x1,x2,x3) + TWI(x1,x2,x3), data = dsg)

when I run the model function, it says object 'd' not found.
It is also not there in the dsg table. How should I add it (response, d)?

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