Problems with R Package Prophet

Hello Folks

I'm trying to forecast data with package "Prophet"
Installation seems good
But when i launch this line :
df <- prophet(df1)
I have this message popping :

Install Build Tools - Building r package from source requires installation of additional build tools
Do you want to install the additional tools now ?

If I click YES, this page open :
I really don't know what to do ...
Does somebody can help me ?

That link is an article about how to install Xcode command line tools*, which you often need to build packages from source in R. There's another nice description in the What They Forgot to Teach You About R book (online):

Summary point of that section being that the minimalist approach to take is to run:

xcode-select --install

from the shell.

* That's actually a really helpful error message, most of the time you just have to figure it out by seeing that xcrun is somewhere in your installation errors (e.g. see here).

HI @mara--I'm having similar issues. I tried running that in the shell and got

error: command line tools are already installed, use "Software Update"to install updates

When I run softwareupdate --list nothing needs updating.

If you're talking about the prophet library specifically, and you have all the tools necessary to build it, but are getting sent to a link that implies they're not there, you might want to file an issue in the package repo.

See also a similar issue in the repo, below:

Thanks for the reply, Mara. I am encountering this issue via prophet but I don't believe this issue is specific to that package. When I run pkgbuild::has_build_tools(debug = TRUE), which is something I've seen in other threads trying to diagnose this issue, I encounter the same popup.

I was able to fix the issue. prophet uses a package called rstan. From its "Getting Started" guide there are instructions for how to install rstan from source using a Mac here. Following these instructions corrected my immediate issue, which was encountering that popup when trying to build a model using prophet, and further, pkgbuild::has_build_tools(debug = TRUE) now returns TRUE.

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