Problems with pkgdown

I am a maintainer/developer of 3 different packages (SamplingStrata, R2BEAT and QGA).
I managed to publish web-pages for the first two of them, but I was not able for QGA.
QGA is in github at GitHub - barcaroli/QGA.
When I execute pkgdown::build_site() it is successful, the webpages are perfect.
I then commit and push, but I receive a mail with: "Jekyll site CI: All jobs have failed", and the web-pages are not created

Now I managed to produce a site, having canceled the jekyll workflow in github. But it is not aligned with the site that appears after the execution of build_site()

Hi @barcaroli ,

could you share the log of what went wrong the first time

then it is easier to help you.


i assume - since you versioned also the docs folder - it will show whatever is there and not any changes that you have made to your package since the pkgdown::build_site() wasn't called - only the "static" already pushed site is hosted leading to a miss-alignment. To mitigate that in the future i would suggest to ignore the docs folder a build it from scratch in your pipeline with every build (or at least release build - don't know how you setup your pipeline).

I just run again the Jekyll workflow, and for some strange reason now the job finished fine, with no errors. But the problem is that the resulting webpages are absolutely not in line with what expected, and with what I obtained in the past. You can see it at the link . Compare it with the webpages for the other package: Optimal Stratification of Sampling Frames for Multipurpose Sampling Surveys • SamplingStrata, much richer

@barcaroli Looking at your source code there are a few things that doesn't add up for me:

  • the pkgdown.R file can't work since you are calling build_site but only loading the package pkgdown. This function doesn't exists in pkgdown but only in devtools. You have to fix this.
  • between SamplingStrata and QGA you change some configurations in your _config.yml, _pkgdown.yaml and _pkgdown.yml file. Try to keep them in line to easier debug the issue.
  • i had to rerun the devtools::build_site() on your package in order to get the documentation that you want - the one currently under docs seems to be corrupted somehow

Hope it gives you some hints of what went wrong.

There's no way. I aligned completely _config.yml, _pkgdown.yaml and _pkgdown.yml between SamplingStrata and QGA, I rerun devtools::build_site(), and the webpages I obtain are fine, but what is deployed is completely different. Any other idea?

This was completely wrong from my side - pkgdown does have that function - my intellisense gave up on me. Really sorry for that.

When i open your official site Quantum Genetic Algorithm • QGA i get a lot of errors in the console

Mostly stuff missing from the deps folder. Looking at QGA/docs at main · barcaroli/QGA · GitHub it is also missing.

Can you try adding it also?

As a side-note locally i had to change _pkgdown.yml to

destination: docs

and deleted the rest to make it work.

The problem seems to be solved: I installed a previous version of pkgdown (1.6.1), and everything goes fine. Now the deployed webpages are completely aligned with the ones on my pc